Who We Are

We like to think of ourselves as facilitators of the legal process. Why? Because we move legal documents from attorneys to courthouses to parties and then start over again – all in the name of due process and justice. We’re passionate about service, alert to court rules and focused on accuracy and speed in getting the job done right.

What We Believe

Our goal is to create fanatically devoted customers for life. Rapid Legal’s passion for customer-centricity is guided by our corporate credo which consists of our Vision, The Blue Ideals, our Mission, our Values and The Blue Basics. It encompasses the philosophy and values by which we live every day.

Our Vision

To become an organization that understands its customers so well, we will consistently deliver products and services above customer expectations and better than competitors.

Our Mission

To propel the legal industry forward through web-based technology.

Our Values

Accountability | Excellence | Integrity | Service | Teamwork